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Have you blogged in the last month?

If you answered no then you need blog prep!


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Most small business owners these days don't blog as often as they should. Most of the time it is because of the time it takes, the effort it takes when you are working with clients, maybe you are a photographer and are busy shooting, editing, meeting with vendors, I need to go on? That is why I have created this service along side my outsourcing brand. How nice would it be to just log into your blog, write a quick paragraph or two and then *GASP* press POST!


That is what I'm here to help you with. I will download your images (I can choose or you can), put them into a pretty blog format, tag the vendors and voila, you are good! I can't tell you how exciting this could be for your time management and business!

How does it work?

You either select the photos in your gallery, invite me to download them. Email me the vendor names, the city you shot the wedding so I can find those that worked on the event and if you want me to ghost write the post or not. Once I'm finished I will send you an email! That's it! How fun is that?


HOW MUCH: There are two packages.


Simple Blog Package: Prep the gallery with your pretty images and tag the vendors



Full Blog Package: Prep the gallery with your pretty images, a journal entry with provided information and vendors tagged.



Extras: Planoly/Instagram prep with 3 posts ready to sync with your blog post



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