Online and In-Person Mentoring

I've always had a passion for teaching. I started in a teaching field and am always drawn back to helping others as I work more and more with photographers and creatives. I've noticed specific needs for beginner and experienced creatives when it comes to outsourcing, workflow and even shooting style. Below you will find my hourly mentoring sessions along with my meet up mentoring sessions. I also provide multi-day teaching workshops that are provided here.


Mentoring Review

Online Mentoring

I like to offer choices when choosing what type of learning you are looking for. If your focus is on a couple of things then I suggest starting off with a 45 min mentoring session versus the two hour mentoring session. If you need to add more time you can always upgrade.


Collection 1 $200: Time Length: 45 MINUTES: We will go over your topic of choice during this 45 minutes. It includes two main subjects and a Q & A portion. We can chat about anything within this time frame and if your subject is workflow or outsourcing I will walk your through each step by screen share so you can understand how I edit a full wedding in detail.


Collection 2 $500: Time Length: 2 HOURS: There are often times that 45 minutes just isn't enough time to go over everything. This is where this package may suit you better. I can go over a great deal in two hours so come with a notebook handy. We can talk about anything from how to start a photography business all the way to how I deliver images to a client. If you need help with workflow or how to start an associate photography business this is also a good package to get information.


All mentoring sessions are held on Zoom or Facetime

Fees are due prior to meeting

In-Person Mentoring

The in-person mentoring sessions are held in local coffee, bookstores or a bar (who doesn't like a glass of wine while learning) in the metro valley of Arizona. If you are wanting a mentoring session in California the additional fee is $500 to cover travel expenses. All sessions include everything that the online mentoring sessions but we work on YOUR stuff one on one. This style of collections are for those who like more hands on learning.


Requirements: A laptop, camera and your smiling face!


Collection 1 $200: Time Length: 45 MINUTES: Same as above but we also work on hands on editing if outsourcing is your subject of learning.

Collection 2 $600: Time Length: 2 HOURS: Same as above but we also work on hands on editing or shooting. This is dependent on what you are wanting to learn.


Subjects to consider for your mentoring session: Here are a few examples of what I teach: Workflow, Outsourcing, Beginner Shooting, How to get into film photography, How to shoot film, rating film, developing and scanning film, How to start a photography business, how to get on a venue list, how to get referrals from vendors, and or how to start an associate business.


Fees are due prior to meeting

How do I inquire?

To start or inquire about my services please FILL OUT THIS FORM to get started! I will in in touch within 24 hours! Thank you so much!



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