Outsourcing your work

Yes I edit! I edit for several photographers around the world and absolutely love love it! Editing for others allows me to not only do something I love but lets me see my little people more. I travel often and so editing for other photographers has allowed me to do what I love while on the road. If you are a photographer and looking to outsource your work please email me and we can work together and provide you the freedom you desire!

Images Provided by Krystal Kast Photography | Betsey & John Photography

How does it work?

I edit your work using smart previews in Lightroom. If you send me your smart preview file along with the catalog then I can edit your images just as easily as if I had the raw images in front of me. I love it! Once you dropbox them to me, I then edit and send them to you within 1-2 weeks depending on my workflow.


HOW MUCH: Each image is .30 to edit. Culling is .08 an image

IS THERE A LIMIT OR CONTRACT: No limit on images, catalogs or contracts

DO YOU EDIT NON WEDDING GALLERIES? Yes absolutely! I will edit whatever you need!

CAN I SEND YOU TEST IMAGES: Yes definitely! Once you fill out this inquiry form, I will contact you and we can discuss your style and how you like your images to look.

How do I inquire?

To start or inquire about my editing services please FILL OUT THIS FORM to get started! I will in in touch within 24 hours! Thank you so much!