5 Tips On Why You Need A 2nd Photographer (with free download)

The number one question that bride and grooms have asked me over the years is if they need a 2nd photographer to help capture their wedding. Often unsure what the point is to having a 2nd set of eyes at their wedding day, I have educated them with the advantages to having an additional photographer for the day of their event. Being in the wedding industry for over 8 years now, has given me the knowledge about what exactly you need and don’t need on a wedding day. Here are my top 5 tips on why you DO need a 2nd photographer.

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What is in this free guide

In this free guide you will be learning the following.

  • How this may help you see additional moments
  • What a 2nd shooter is capturing on your wedding day
  • Why having a 2nd will matter to your family and friends
  • And why this will help with your stress level



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